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The A Show 2018

celebrates the work of Platform A artists and art collectives who inspire, explore, and create art in extraordinary places and in extraordinary ways. The multidisciplinary works presented this year emerge from practices of attentive listening, placemaking, soul searching, and above all, community building. If art is understood as the creation of beautiful things, this year’s A Show demonstrates that beauty is made in moments of togetherness, in challenging barriers, and in making a little go a long way.

The A Show 2018  occurred June 8 - 10th, 2018 with an artist talk on June 10th.


The BAR Institute is an independent platform making elite education and mentorship accessible.

Ewa Konart is community-oriented, fed by the arts, and concerned with social justice. Her print work are inspired by her experiences working in healthcare and as a patient of healthcare services.

VIRGINS! is a series of short stories written by Black women media-makers exploring relationships as young adults in a hyper-sexual and easy-access culture.

Sunday School is a collective of like-minded individuals focused on telling the stories of the everyday lived experiences of minorities.


Jumblies makes art in everyday and extraordinary places with, for and about the people and stories found there.


ImaginArte is a collective of community educators and multidisciplinary artists with roots in Latin America.


Kara Manso is a temporary worker turned migrant activist turned contemporary artist.


Sahar Golshan is a Chinese and Iranian language artist and creative writer.


Yara El Safi is a Queer, Lebanese, Muslim artist born in Abu Dhabi and raised in Tripoli, Lebanon.

Photos by Fitzroy Facey (2018)

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